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TRU64 Uix:ES40 Maintenance and Service Manual

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TRU64 Uix:ES40 Maintenance and Service Manual

I want to upgrade my Alpha server ES40 memory.Do i need to order memory boards alongwith memory or only memory.Also please can anybody forward me link for the ES40 Maintenance and Service Manual or document related to this.Its urgent.
Dave Bechtold
Respected Contributor

Re: TRU64 Uix:ES40 Maintenance and Service Manual


The AlphaServer ES40 Resources can be found at http://h18002.www1.hp.com/alphaserver/es40/es40_tech.html .

The Owner's Guide also has a chapter on adding memory to the system. The "AlphaServer ES40
Owner???s Guide" is part number EK-ES240-UG.

The Memory Motherboard Boards (MMB's) should be in the system already and you should only have to purchase memory DIMM's and install them on the existing MMBs. I'd double check the system to make sure the MMB's exist and that they have sufficient open slots to accomplish your desired configuration. Memory must be added adhering to configuration rules and DIMM types - Stacked Non-Stacked, etc...

Hope this helps,
Dave Bechtold