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TRU64-unix 5.1A cluster crashed

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TRU64-unix 5.1A cluster crashed

I have cusomer with 2 DS25 in cluster and 1 server crashed ,The server with UNIX 5.1A ( REV 1885 ) and cluster 1.6
The error that I got in crash dump is:

luster alias subsystem enabled
MEMORY CHANNEL API - initializing
Environmental Monitoring Subsystem Configured.

trap: invalid memory read access from kernel mode

faulting virtual address: 0x0000000000000000
pc of faulting instruction: 0xfffffc000065d1f4
ra contents at time of fault: 0xfffffc0000de3fcc
sp contents at time of fault: 0xfffffe0544ec74c0

panic (cpu 1): kernel memory fault
syncing disks... dump device name: dsk21-01, num: 0x130015d, off: 0x10, len: 0x5dc000

LSM attempting to dump to device at major 19 minor 349

dump device name: dsk1b-01, num: 0x1300288, off: 0x0, len: 0x5dc000

LSM attempting to dump to device at major 19 minor 648

Any idea what cause the server to crash?
Johan Brusche
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Re: TRU64-unix 5.1A cluster crashed


If the system was able to reboot after the crash, there should be a recent crash_data.x in /var/adm/crash/ then please post that here.
The posted output is not sufficient to determine a possible cause for the crash.

\ Johan.


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Re: TRU64-unix 5.1A cluster crashed


Re: TRU64-unix 5.1A cluster crashed

I see two different crashes there.
One (.9) is related to virtual memory handling and the other (.10)
does look like a issue with the aha_chim (SCSI-Adapter) - Driver.

I guess your next question is..."What can I do to avoid this ?"

There are two points that I would go for...

1-the crashed node is a AlphaServer DS25 running on Firmware: 6.8-18
the most recent Firmware is Version 7.3 ! See:
I would go for a update of the Firmware.
(Don't forget to check the other node for this too !)

2-if you have to stay on 5.1A, well...go and look if you have all
additional early release patches installed, if not get and install them.

Better would be a consideration if you can go/upgrade to 5.1B-5
but that is only my humble opinion.