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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Total Backed Up data


Total Backed Up data

Hi dear Team,

I'd appreciatte if you can help me how to determine the total data backep up on a system under Windows 2000 running Omniback II 4.10.

Thanks a lot
Honored Contributor

Re: Total Backed Up data


Normal tar,cpio and dd gives the total data backed up at the end of completion, while to determine the size of data backedup at any time, you have use backup tools such as veritas,Tivoli storage manager etc..
from the log available in these backup tools,you can determine data size backed up at any given time and date.
never give up
Johan Brusche
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Re: Total Backed Up data

Omniback belongs in the OpenView product range, rarely used on Tru64 and W2k is yet another operating system.
Maybe you will have a better response in the OpenView forum at: