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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Tru-64 UNIX v 5.1b pdpr printing always printing portrait

Todd Grams
Occasional Visitor

Tru-64 UNIX v 5.1b pdpr printing always printing portrait

We are using the advanced printing software on UNIX Tru-64 V5.1B and it is always printing with the portrait orientation even when it is clearly set in script to print landscape.

Here is the syntax I am using.

pdpr -f ${ISIX_REQUESTS_FILE} -p ${PLANT_PRINTER} -x "translation-filter=text-to-ps width=132 content-orientation=l

I experimented by changing the width and even removing it as well as changing it to portrait to see if it would print landscape. I also tried removing the tranlation-filter option since I am not even sure what it does (it was put in by a previous developer who no longer is around to ask).

It seems to be a problem with the printing software not the physical printer since we have tried testing on other printers and it is always printing out in portrait format and we are losing half the page.

If anybody knows any workarounds to make it print correctly in landscape orientation format let me know.