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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Tru64 5.1A PK6 fake entires

eric verdin_1
Occasional Contributor

Tru64 5.1A PK6 fake entires

OS: Tru64 5.1A PK6 on ES45 (Hardware).
A simple ls (regardless if /sbin/ls /bin/ls or gnu-ls)
shows fake entries on a virtual mount point of an autofs'd directory.
The number of those entries grow randomly with every ls. The fake
entries consist of names and options from the aliases of (t)csh, or and other system files:
ro dec1:/Import # /bin/ls
--color=tty Spec_A2 Work_1A Work_3 Work_5A Work_8 p
-F Spec_A3 Work_2 Work_3A Work_6 Work_8A ll u
-l Spec_C2 Work_21A Work_4 Work_6A e w
.cshrc Spectra Work_21B Work_4A Work_7 k m
Spec_A1 Work_1 Work_2A Work_5 Work_7A l

I found that someone else is also incountering the same problem that I ran into with’fake’ entires with ls command and one of the solutions was to install:

Customer specific patch OSFCSP520-1643-01

Does anyone know where I can get this patch?


Han Pilmeyer
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Tru64 5.1A PK6 fake entires

You can find all downloadable patches by going to (or and then selecting "patches".

The patch you refer to however is a CSP (Customer Specific Patch). Those patches are created for a specific customer and can not be downloaded.

This particular patch is submitted to BL26 for both V5.1A and V5.1B. However I don't believe that BL26 is currently shipping on V5.1A. So your options are to open a call with HP and ask for this patch for V5.1A or to upgrade to V5.1B BL26 (PK5).