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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Tru64 5.1B Maximum Filesystem Limit

martin olivera
Occasional Visitor

Tru64 5.1B Maximum Filesystem Limit

what's the filesystem maximum limit for
5.1B? I know that for 5.1A is 1Tb, but
can't find the limit for 5.1B.


Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: Tru64 5.1B Maximum Filesystem Limit

The limit in 5.1B is quite the same, but the quotalimit was raised to 8TB.
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martin olivera
Occasional Visitor

Re: Tru64 5.1B Maximum Filesystem Limit

I should clarify this. It's DISK SIZE,
not filesystem size. I'm able to install
a 1Tb RAID array under 5.1A, but I
if I install a 2Tb array I have to split
it in two "slices". One of my users
wants to install a 4Tb array, and I can
only split it in two slices, so unless
5.1B can handle 2Tb slices, I can't
install such system.

Re: Tru64 5.1B Maximum Filesystem Limit

The docs still say 1TB but a change was made in the code a few years back to increase the limit to 2TB-512K. The biggest I've seen in use is a 1.7TB volume in a 2.3TB AdvFS domain.

Siegfried Becker
Occasional Visitor

Re: Tru64 5.1B Maximum Filesystem Limit

... see the lines from the Tru64 UNIX 5.1B Quickspec ...

The maximum physical volume size is 1 TB-512 K.
The maximum number of files in a fileset is 231. (This number is limited by the length of the tag that is used to uniquely identify a file in a fileset.)
The maximum size of an AdvFS file and fileset is 16 TB - 512 K (213 * 232), with an 8 K page size and a 31-bit page number.

Thomas Sjolshagen
Occasional Advisor

Re: Tru64 5.1B Maximum Filesystem Limit

Actually, just to clarify.

The AdvFS QuickSpec is wrong on a couple of accounts. First of all, there's a problem (when we use it anyways) with MS Word's HTML export function causing any attempt at mathematical notations (such as using exponetial values) to be incorrectly exported. All of the values in the QuickSpec referenced in the answers above *should* read 2^32 and 2^31 (max number of files is *not* 231, but rather 2^31) (That really isn't a jab at Microsoft, just a sad fact of life when we engineers try using the software and haven't had any training ;-)

Lastly, as of V5.1A PK4 max *volume* size in AdvFS is 2TB-512b (ie 2TB - 1 sector). You can add 256 volumes to a domain (giving you a total of 512TB domain), and using file striping you can have a 16TB file inside of the domain.

The functionality was originally inteded for the V5.1b but the CAM/disklabel update was backported to V5.1a as well.

For those who care; UFS supports ~2TB filesystems.


// Thomas