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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Tru64 Installation

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Tru64 Installation


I'm trying to intall v5.1B onto my Alphaserver DS20e. After reading the instructions etc i'm aware that i need to boot off of my firmware cd.

i go into single user mode and type "boot dqa0"

When i try this i get the following error message

"block 0 of dqa0. is not a valid boot block"

Could the firmware disk be corrupt?? and if so where is the best place to download/ftp the latest update from??

thanks for your help

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Tru64 Installation

Can you boot an other (OS) cd.. just to make sure the hardware for the cdrom works?

What shows >>> show config | fru | device

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Tru64 Installation

Hi Barry,

It is possible that your CD is corrupt, or maybe that your CD-ROM drive is faulty.

Whilst doing a batch of firmware updates on a few machines at the end of last year 2 of 3 machines needed their drives swapping out...

Before you go down that route, try a different CD. ISOs can be downloaded from:

You might also want to sanity check that the CD-ROM drive is on dqa0. Older machines like the DS20 used to be on dka0 if I remember correctly. Do a show dev at the P00>>> prompt to see all the devices.



Re: Tru64 Installation

Hi thanks for that

>> show device gives me dqa0 for the cdrom

I was able to start booting off of the 5.1B o/s disk so thats why i thought it was the actual cd

i have made an image on a disk and it seems to be booting from this so thanks for your help



Re: Tru64 Installation


I have now updated the firmware, configured the RAID array and installed v5.1B on the Alphaserver. I noticed when configuring the RAID 5 that a disk was broken (which i have replaced). (We have a RAID 0 + RAID 5 config)

The installation completed successfully and i configured the disk layout, network config etc during a custom set up.

However when i reboot the server at the >>> prompt i type "boot" but when testing the disks i get the following errors

**Hard Error** Error#5

Diagnostic Name Device
exer_kid dra0. Hard Error 1

Error in read of 0 bytes at location 000... from device dra0.
**End of Error**

(boot dra0. A)
READ/WRITE failed with status 0002 on dra0.
failed to read dra0.
bootstrap failure

I have just yped show device at >>>

device DRA0 member of RAID 0 (mirrored set) shows failed status.

As this is a mirrored set should it not boot off the "good" disk???

Sorry for the long description, any advice would be appreciated

thanks in advance

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Tru64 Installation

Hi Barry,

RAID-0 is NOT a mirror set - its a stripe set, with NO redundancy...

It sounds like you've just lost your boot disk :-(



Re: Tru64 Installation

Hi Rob,

I was thinking it was mirrored as thats what i was told when i "inherited" the server, which should have been RAID 1 then.

Starting all over again not mirroring the system disk at the moment just to try and get it up and running (although not ideal)

cheers for the help/advice