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Tru64 OS Version 5.1b on an Alpha ES45

Alice Daniel
Frequent Advisor

Tru64 OS Version 5.1b on an Alpha ES45

I have performed a full customized installation of 5.1b OS onto the ES45. Occasionally, my entire system just locks up. Normally, I am performing something like an ls command or maybe setld -i. When the system locks, I have no control of the windows or keyboard...I have to reboot. Any suggestions about the cause of these "hangs"?
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Tru64 OS Version 5.1b on an Alpha ES45

Any 'last gasp' messages on the console or in /var/adm/messagse?

Was this a previously working system with a different OS/version. In that case I suppose the install is suspect.

But I do not expect this has anything to do with the install or software.
I suspect a hardware problem, most likely the disk subsystem. Check the logs for warnings.

Instead of rebooting, 'crash' at the >>> console prompt
( What's the ES45 System Management Console attention sequence again? it's been a while... ^P ? nah, SMC ? ^]^]MSC ? ... you probably know! )

Work with HP support to analyze the crash.

Or... Do a full powerdown, re-seat everything in sight (cpu boards, pci cards, scsi cables) burn a small candle and try again. That should do it. :-)

Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Tru64 OS Version 5.1b on an Alpha ES45


this is a tough question. Check in messages and binary errorlog if there are any errors. Can you login from then network? Replace keyboard and mouse. Did you go through the requirements for 5.1B and checked that all hardware is still supported? You can push the operator button on the machine and cause a crash dump by typing crash on the console prompt.

more later,

Manish PATHAK_2
Regular Advisor

Re: Tru64 OS Version 5.1b on an Alpha ES45

Hi can you please check the defauilt kernel parameters or can you post them to the forum so that we can analyse.Further Please go to the GUI mode and check for the Inactivity status.

Long back the same problem i have faced on the Compaq server but that was the Nt environment and after adjusting the CMOS parameters the problem resolved.But here in case of TRU64 please go the GUI mode and check the Desktop setup parameter and post the kernel parameters.