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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Tru64UNIX v5.1B to Tru64UNIX v5.1B-4

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Tru64UNIX v5.1B to Tru64UNIX v5.1B-4


I have just upgraded my operating ssystem from Tru64UNIX v5.1A to Tru64UNIX v5.1B.

I then upgrade to Tru64UNIX v5.1B-4.

The upgrade to Tru64UNIX v5.1B-4 was merely a patch (dupatch) installation.

When the system boots it tells me that the system is running Tru64UNIX v5.1B, not Tru64UNIX v5.1B-4. Is this correct?

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Tru64UNIX v5.1B to Tru64UNIX v5.1B-4

Most likely. "-4" is a marketing term.
Apparently, there are not enough Tru64
engineers left to deal with the work of
changing the name or version number in the
code. You need to look at the installed
patches to see which of the major kits was
installed last.
Rob Leadbeater
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Re: Tru64UNIX v5.1B to Tru64UNIX v5.1B-4

Hi Andrew,

The identification of the different releases of 5.1B is very poor.

All versions, from the base release up to the latest 5.1B-4 identify themselves (with sizer -v) as 5.1B.

You have to look at the output of:

dupatch -track -type kit

To see what version you're on - but that shows the patch kit version, which is not in line with the -X numbering scheme !

5.1B-4 = Patch Kit 6 = T64V51BB27AS0006...

The full list can be found here...


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Re: Tru64UNIX v5.1B to Tru64UNIX v5.1B-4