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Using Expect on Tru64 5.1a

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Using Expect on Tru64 5.1a

I'd like to script Telnet Sessions to different Systems from one central management workstation and found EXPECT to be the right solution. I downloaded expect from expect.nist.gov but i'm not able to make it working. I would like to ask if somebody has some kind of "cook book" or "how to"-guide to make expect perfectly running on Tru64 5.1a (Patch Kit 2). Are there any precompiled versions available?

John Daley
Occasional Advisor

Re: Using Expect on Tru64 5.1a

I downloaded expect 5.38 from nist.gov, but before installing I downloaded tcl 8.4.3 from sourceforge and installed that. Put the tcl source directory in the same directory as the expect source directory, eg


Set CC=cc in your environment, build and install tcl, then expect. I did, and could then run the example (in the expect kit)

/usr/local/bin/expect beer.exp


On an Alphaserver SC system I found that expect is installed from SRATCL200, Compaq AlphaServer SC Tcl Extensions. Don't know of any other binary version for Alphas.