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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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V4.0F patch kit 8 install

balaji chandrasekar_1
Occasional Contributor

V4.0F patch kit 8 install


We are installing the v4.0F patch kit 8 on a Tru64 Machine which already had Patch kit 7.

What we are seeing is that out of the list of 183 patches it ignores or doesn't install 110 of them and installs only 70 or so.

What could be a problem? Has anybody seen this before?


# dupatch -track -type kit

- DUV40FAS0002-19991116 OSF440
- DUV40FAS0002-19991116 TCR160
- DUV40FAS0003-20000225 OSF440
- DUV40FAS0003-20000225 TCR160
- DUV40FAS0004-20000613 OSF440
- DUV40FAS0004-20000613 TCR160
- DUV40FAS0006-20010620 OSF440
- DUV40FAS0006-20010620 TCR160
- DUV40FB18AS0007-20020102 OSF440
- DUV40FB18AS0007-20020102 TCR160
- DUV40FB22AS0008-20030730 OSF440
- DUV40FB22AS0008-20030730 TCR160

Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: V4.0F patch kit 8 install


Please run a dupatch baseline verfication (menu item 5), it will tell you what conflicts it finds and will allow you to override the rejections of dupatch.


Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: V4.0F patch kit 8 install


Does it give any reasons for ignoring?
Where do have the count of 183?
The patch kit is cumulative. Is it possible that it just ignores the patches already installed with patch kit 7?
183 may be the number of patches when you install the base os and then directly patch kit 8.

Just a thought,