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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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What is the best way to recover a failed HD?

Daryl Rose

What is the best way to recover a failed HD?

Hello all,

Last week I had a HD crash and burn in a Tru64 5.1B server. Apparently the two internal drives were not mirrored and I have to rebuild the server from scratch. My first attempt was not successful. I installed the OS and attempted to restore from backup tape. I decided to do a "Pick & Choose" of what files and directory's to restore. That was a mistake because if left this system in a funky state.

I did a fresh install and brought the patch level up to patch kit 6. (Which is where I think it was previously). Now I'm ready to do another restore, but this time I decided to do a bit more research first before I pull the restore trigger.

Is there a "Best Practice" on restore or recovering a Tru64 system from tape? Is it better to do a blanket full system restore, or should I "Pick and Choose" which files and directory's to recover?


Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: What is the best way to recover a failed HD?

Hi Daryl,

Do you have a complete backup on tape ?

If so, then it will probably be easiest to boot up off CD, drop out to a Unix shell, and recover from there....

Things get funky as you call it when restoring over the top of an install, as the device naming/numbering and hardware databases become inconsistent.


Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: What is the best way to recover a failed HD?

> [...] or should I "Pick and Choose" [...]

It might depend on what you're picking and
choosing. My psychic powers are too weak to
reveal much about your situation.

Plopping a bunch of old user data onto a new
system should be pretty harmless. Doing the
same with old OS data might cause some

> [...] a funky state [...]

A colorful description, but not a very
informative one.