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about aio

Regular Advisor

about aio

in Oracle log
the following messages appeared

WARNING: aio_results_np timed out 1 times
WARNING: aio_results_np timed out 2 times
WARNING: aio_results_np timed out 3 times
WARNING: aio_results_np timed out 4 times

and then the oracle hung

Dmitry Timoshenko
Frequent Advisor

Re: about aio


This is known bug:

PROBLEM: (90548, 89701, AT_G01933) (PATCH ID: OSF520-177)
This patch corrects a problem that is encountered when trying to create an
Oracle database on a wildfire system that has a memoryless QBB. Without this
patch, direct i/o to to an advfs file using asynchronous i/o will hang if it
is completed on a memoryless QBB.
1. Error Message

Creation of a Oracle ( database fails when datafiles or redologfiles are


WARNING: aio_results_np timed out 1 times, waited 120 secs

WARNING: aio_results_np timed out 1 times, waited 590 secs

2. Symptoms

Oracle processes hang after this message.
They can't be killed, system has to be rebootet.

3. Process leading to the symptom.

Creation of a Oracle database.

The sourse is:

Best regards,
Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: about aio

I've counted 3 topics with the same question. Next time use the search function
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