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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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alhpha server es40 hang up

Occasional Advisor

alhpha server es40 hang up

Hi All,

My alpha es40 with tru64 v5.1B hang up without any errors in /var/adm/messages or /var/adm/binary.errlog.
I have to reset(only option) the server to get back to normal condition.
The same problem occured for 2nd time.

need your help!!!!

Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: alhpha server es40 hang up

Have you checked /var/adm/syslog.dated/*?

What is your console firmware revision?

Have you tried forcing a crash dump and checking out the dump file? To do that, halt the system and enter 'crash' at the >>> prompt and then reboot normally. Your crash files should be under /var/adm/crash.
Occasional Advisor

Re: alhpha server es40 hang up

Hello Mark,

Thanks for ur reply.

I have checked, there is no errors in /var/adm/syslog.dated/*

My firmware revesion: 6.3-2

After the server hang up, i had reset the server & after that i take a full power shutdown. So ther is no update in /var/adm/crash.

Is the nfs partition create problem???


Re: alhpha server es40 hang up

Please note that whenever a system hangs DO NOT reset it of power off. Always use HALT button. After the system is halted it would come to SRM prompt, the P00>> prompt. At this prompt type "crash" and press enter this would generate a crash dump and next time whne you boot the system the files will be written /var/adm/crash.
You may refer to these files or log a support call with HP.