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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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cannot start LSM in genvmunix

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SCSI Error
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cannot start LSM in genvmunix


I attached a new SCSI Card but cannot be detected on the current OS. so I decided to boot genvmunix.

The issue is when booting genvmunix is my usr var partitions cannot be mounted because its configured as AdvFS+LSM

LSM cannot be started on the genvmunix single user mode.

Any idea on how to work on this?

I'd like to mount the usr partition so I can run the doconfig

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Re: cannot start LSM in genvmunix


this happen because when genvmunix boots, it found new scsi adapter and it reassign scsi bus numbers for adapters. And that has created new device name for your OS disk (bcoz bus number change). IF you run `scu sho edt`, you will get what i mean.

eg: bus 1 tgt 1 lun 0 = rz9
now change to bus 3 tgt 1 lun 0 = rz25

There is a workaround such as disable lsm during bootup but that will require a lot of steps.

To make it simple, remove the scsi adapter from its existing slots and install it to a slot after existing scsi adapters. Example, if you have scsi adapter in slot 2 and 5, install the new one in slot 6 and above.

SCSI Error
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Re: cannot start LSM in genvmunix

systems running smootly after installing the scsi card on differnt slot