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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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coredumpsize for csh mysteriously reset to zero

Don Ritchey
Frequent Advisor

coredumpsize for csh mysteriously reset to zero

About six months ago, one of our Tru64 UNIX servers (an ES45 system runningRelease 5.1b) was rebooted during a maintenance outage. Afterward, the csh parameter 'coredumpsize' was set to zero (0). Only the csh limit was changed, /bin/sh and Korn shell users were unaffacted and remained at 'unlimited'. We cured this after discovering the change by addding the line

limit coredumpsize unlimited

to the /etc/csh.login file.

What I need to find out (and have not been able to find anything to explain it) is: where else in the system could the coredumpsize be changed, but only for /bin/csh?