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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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creating filesystem error

Regular Advisor

creating filesystem error

dear gurus,

am very new to tru64. i would like to seek help in creating a filesystem on an unlabel disk. I have the following info:

# hwmgr -view devices
HWID: Device Name Mfg Model Location
4: /dev/dmapi/dmapi
5: /dev/scp_scsi
6: /dev/kevm
48: /dev/disk/dsk0c i2o_bs iop-0-dev-0
65: /dev/disk/dsk1c DEC RZ2DD-LS (C) DEC bus-0-targ-0-lun-0
66: /dev/disk/dsk2c COMPAQ BB00911CA0 bus-0-targ-2-lun-0
67: /dev/disk/dsk3c COMPAQ BD009122BA bus-1-targ-1-lun-0
68: /dev/disk/dsk4c COMPAQ BD03686223 bus-2-targ-0-lun-0
69: /dev/disk/dsk5c COMPAQ BD03686223 bus-2-targ-2-lun-0
70: /dev/disk/cdrom0c COMPAQ CDR-8435 bus-4-targ-0-lun-0
71: /dev/ntape/tape0 DEC TZ89 (C) DEC bus-2-targ-4-lun-0

Disk /dev/disk/dsk4c and /dev/disk/dsk5c are unlabeled disk.

I have tried to disklabel them but i got error:

# disklabel -z dsk4c
disklabel: Disk /dev/rdisk/dsk4c is unlabeled

Could you help me on the procedure? Thanks!

BTW, am using Tru64 v5.1A

Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: creating filesystem error

# disklabel -rw dsk4 ;this would create the default layout for the disk.

You could use the 'diskconfig' GUI app as well.
Vladimir Fabecic
Honored Contributor

Re: creating filesystem error

Yes, you can do what BL said:
# disklabel -rw dsk4

But for beginner, it is easier to use 'diskconfig' GUI.

First you must create partitions, then you create file systems (advfs or ufs).
In vino veritas, in VMS cluster
Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: creating filesystem error

One more thing -- Be careful about using the '-z' option. It will erase the disklabel layout info from the disk instantaneously without 'warning' or 'reconfirmation'. Always be careful when you do things as a 'superuser'