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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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disk full on storage

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disk full on storage


HPUNIX version(Digital Unix) : 4.0E
Data storage Model : Digital Raid Array
File system on Server : File Enclosed through df -k command

Cluster Information : Not clustered
Informix version : 7.23C1
Server Name : Digital Alpha DS20 /RA3000

now the scenario is that the storage is showing 99% full message and there is no space to add another harddisk.
in this case is it possible to mount one of the drive on some other server or machine for additional harddisk space.

thanks in advance

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Re: disk full on storage


You should post this question to tru64 forum.
HP-UX and Tru64 both are diffrent Operating Systems.

It's kind of fun to do the impossible

Re: disk full on storage

posted in wrong forum, moved to Tru64 forum
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Hein van den Heuvel
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Re: disk full on storage


Welcome to the Tru64 forum.

You give some nice overview info, but not enough details to really help you. This RA3000 is an HSZ22 in pedestral with 7 drives right?

Check out the picture in:

There are several possible lines of attack here

1) If you do not have an expension attached, then you can add several more disks by adding an expansion:
Notably: DS-SWXRA-GD RA3000 Pedestal Expans

2) What size are the disks currenly installed? 9GB ?
Maybe you can replace them with larger drives?
The HSZ22 supposrt up to 36 GB,
See the quickspecs:

3) Triple check all disks installed are actually made visible to Tru64. How many are there... how much space visible? Maybe you have 'spare drives' that can be presented to the host?

4) Accept lower performance / redundancy and convert from raid-1 (if that's what you happen to have) to raid-5. You might even consider raid-0 if you have the appropriate backup mechanisme in place.

First and foremost you need to find out, and perhpas share here, exactly what is avaible. How many drives, what size, what storeage config (R0, R1, R5), What filessystems / domains (share that df output?)

Good luck,

Michael Schulte zur Sur
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Re: disk full on storage


you could mount an NFS drive that is located on another host on your host.
Can you post df -k


Manish PATHAK_2
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Re: disk full on storage

HI Bhavesh,

Although you have posted the question in wrong forum,but following cn be the possible solutions.

1.Removing some existing disks and upgrading them with larger capacity disks.
2.doing nfs mount of the disk of some other server.

Also if you can post the df -k output it will useful.

If the oracle is running on the system and the storage is in the same fileset, you can also perform some housekeeping to make some space.

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Re: disk full on storage

I liked all the suggestions given in the above posts.
I just had one more suggestion (not specific to this question though).
Digital UNIX version 4.0E is no more supported.
Please consider upgrading to either 5.1B or at least to v4.0F. HP currently supports only v4.0F, v4.0G and V5.1B. Standard supports are not available to other versions.

Hope this helps,