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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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drd_close_driver error

Aco Blazeski
Regular Advisor

drd_close_driver error

Hi all,
We have GS80 cluster consisted of two nodes, Tru64 5.1. Both servers are NetBackup Media servers (master server is Windows2000).

In /var/adm/messages very often the following message is logged:

vmunix: drd_close_driver: Failed close on device 245 error 5,considered closed

Device 245 is one (of 6) SDLT tape drives connected via SAN.

ddr.dbase is populated correctly with tape drive info (I have another Alpha server that does not report the error message, but still have the same entries in ddr.dbase).

Any ideas ?!

Valued Contributor

Re: drd_close_driver error

Hello Aco,

I have seen similar messages on a Cluster
where another backup software was used.

Something is closing a device that is
already closed, hence the message you are
seeing. Maybe another member closed the
device already or one member tried to close
it but failed to do it for some reason.

Probably some media server misconfiguration
(either on the SAN or SW level) you are
seeing or some kind of bug.

I haven't seen these messages on a V5.1B
PK4 system anymore . . .

Best Regards,

Arnold Sutter, Tristar/redIT