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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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extending adfvs fileset

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Regular Advisor

extending adfvs fileset

Hi Gurus,
i have a GS80 with Tru64 5.1B installed. OS is installed on the storage in the GS80.
a RAID5 is created (dsk5).
below is the disk partition table of dsk5.

Start End
Partition Size Block Block Overlaps
1) b 384MB 786432 1572863 c
2) d 2.0MB 1572864 1576959 c
3) e 205GB 1576960 430911487 c g h
4) f 205GB 430911488 860246015 c h
5) g 2.1GB 1576960 5877759 c e
6) h 407GB 5877760 860246015 c e f

During the installation of OS, i have put LSM private region on d, usr on e and var in usr.

In HP-UX, we have lvextend to extend the file systems with a free space in the volume.

Do we have anything like that in Tru64, so i can use f to extend e where the usr is residing without destroying the data?

Waiting for your usual fast responses.

Best Regards,
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: extending adfvs fileset

>> Waiting for your usual fast responses.

Assigning some point to show appreciation for the effort may help better.
"Horace": I have assigned points to 7 of 116 responses to my questions.

>> Do we have anything like that in Tru64, so i can use f to extend e where the usr is residing without destroying the data?

If you have the AdvFS license, then you can simply use addvol to grow the usr domain.

rtfm: man mount .... look for 'extend'
or same in doc:

google: +tru64 +expand +advfs
Gives links like:

Not that it matters much, but I don't care too much about te partitioning approach and usr setup used fro the system you show.

I like a simple, classic, 'system disk' with /root, /usr (and /var mapped to /usr).

Then add entire domains mapped on full disks (c partitions) or LSM chucks for real user data and call those /data or /users or something like that.

Anyway.. you probably have the bulk of teh data behind /usr in some sub-directory like /usr/users or /usr/oracle
Perhaps consider making the subdirectory a mountpoint for a new fileset in a new domain with the new space?

Good luck!
Regular Advisor

Re: extending adfvs fileset

hi Hein,
thanks so much for your assistance. what i will do is to addvol the f partition to usr domain. thanks once again. i will keep you informed on the going.
Best Regards,
Regular Advisor

Re: extending adfvs fileset

hi hein,
i get the error of "partition is open" when i do addvol dsk5f usr_domain. even when i use the -F as indicated in the man page to disable overlap test.
what could be the prob? is it because am extendin a partition other than c?
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: extending adfvs fileset

How was that dsk5 initialized (disklabel)?
Did you put an LSM wrapper around it (why?)
This dsk5 is an HSZ lun right?
So why partition it at all?
Just create the lun at the desirable size and add the whole disk, not a partition.

If you believe you must add the 'f' partition, and still have trouble, then please share 'disklabel -r' output with us.

Or, if dsk5 is otherwise unused just re-zero it: disklabel -r... disklabel -z... disklabel - rw.

I seem to recall trouble years ago (may have been fixed) where a 'fresh' disk woudl 'happen' to pick up an old partition table which we could not get rid of easily. I believe that at one time we needed to 'blow it away' with a dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/rdisk/dsk5a bs=1024k count=1


Regular Advisor

Re: extending adfvs fileset

OS is installed on the dsk5 and it;s live so we cant reinstall it to use the resize the usr_domain. find attached the the disklabel -r dsk5.
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: extending adfvs fileset

Ok, I now see you are already on dsk5 and want to grow with other space on dsk5. I had initialy thought you had dsk0 in use and were trying to add from a fresh dsk5. My mistake.

Just as well addvol refused to add that partition to itself.

You need to complete the picture by carefully checking the LSM configuration data using 'volprint', and the current AdvFS definitions 'ls -lR /etc/fdmns'.

The storage hierarchy is more or less...

1) hwmgr show scsi
2) disklabel -r
3) volprint
4) /etc/fdmns
5) df -k

I'm afraid you'll need to learn to control and interpret the information from each layer.

Looks like you have about 200GB unused space on your 'disk' in partition 'e' (or 'h')
However, currently that partition overlaps the 'g' partition. So I suppose you would need to do a disklabel -e to unravel that first, to give it start=5877760 and size=425033728 and then give the newly aligned partition first to lsm, and in turn give storage to advfs probably usign addvol.

Not sure you can edit the disklabel while in use.
You may want to be in single user mode for that.

I think you seriously want to re-consider the whole layout. Create yourself a fresh, smallish (20GB? 50GB) lun on the HSZ to become the OS disk. Best rename that to become dsk0 to keep stuff simple and then play with dsk5 to make it one big happy userspace, independent from the system disk.
Just my thoughts.
Others may want to chime in !?

Good luck,
Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: extending adfvs fileset

From the disklabel output, dsk5b and dsk5h appear to be free. So, using addvol with either of these partitions should increase the domain size.

However, as you seem to use LSM, you may have to put the partitions under LSM control and then increase the LSM volume size.