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how to back up system!

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how to back up system!

# df -k
Filesystem 1024-blocks Used Available Capacity Mounted on
root_domain#root 211080 74157 130256 37% /
/proc 0 0 0 100% /proc
usr_domain#usr 1059408 666669 373608 65% /usr
ora_domain#oracle 1780472 740878 1026928 42% /u01
data_dmn#datafs 448688 39945 402736 10% /data
back_dmn#backfs 2204816 80 2198072 1% /backup
can i use the command
#vdump -0uvf /dev/rmt0h /
#vdump -0uvf /dev/rmt0h /usr
#vdump -0uvf /dev/rmt0h /u01
#vdump -0uvf /dev/rmt0h /data
#vdump -0uvf /dev/rmt0h /backup
if I backup this way
I should have five tapes
can i backup into a tape ?

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Re: how to back up system!


as per your strategy you need to have 5 tapes(one each for a fileset), whereas as -N option backup all filesets in one tape

#vdump -0NUvf

look at man pages of vdump

never give up
Mohamed K Ahmed
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Re: how to back up system!

It all depends on the size of the tapes you have and the amount of data you want to backup.
If you have the DLT7000 or the DLT 8000 or TL891 or TL892 which acomodated the 35/70 or the 40/80 GB tapes, you can backup all of your filesets into one tape by using the non-rewind option.

use the following
#vdump -0uvf /dev/nrmt0h /
#vdump -0uvf /dev/nrmt0h /usr
#vdump -0uvf /dev/nrmt0h /u01
#vdump -0uvf /dev/nrmt0h /data
#vdump -0uvf /dev/nrmt0h /backup

this will put all of them into one tape.

- Mohamed