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how to change the IP in Trucluster1.6

Occasional Contributor

how to change the IP in Trucluster1.6

hi all,

I want to change my server's IP.What's
system files to be modified.Thanks!
Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: how to change the IP in Trucluster1.6

Do the following to change the IP address of a member in a TCR cluster:

Remove the ASE database. Change the address of each system then reconfigure the database. The IP address is tied to the asecdb so when this is changed the database is no longer valid.

To do this you can use:

# /sbin/init.d/clumember stop (if running TCR)
# /sbin/init.d/asemember stop
# mv /var/ase/config/asecdb /var/ase/config/asecdb.old
# netsetup

Then select "1 Configure Network Interfaces"
select the interface to change
"Do you want to reconfigure it [no]? yes"

Now you can change the hostname and the IP address.

You can then answer yes to restart the network or reboot.

Then run asesetup and asemgr and reconfigure the services.

The only other alternative would be if the new IP addresses are in the same "Network" you can remove one member, follow the steps to change the address then add the member back into the ASE configuration.

Then on the newly configured system you can run asemgr to remove the other member, reconfigure the address then add it back to the ASE configuration.

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Re: how to change the IP in Trucluster1.6

thanks Ralf
I will to try it.