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how to increase number of que

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how to increase number of que


Would like to asked some help. How can we increase the number of messages in queue into 4MB. Currently the default value of msgmax is 8192 and msgmnd is 16384. and this parameter is only for 16KB.Is it possible to extend up to 4MB.

IPC status from /dev/kmem as of Mon May 30 07:24:34 2005


Message Queues:

q 0 0x3c1802ac -Rrw--w--w- root root 0 0

q 1 0x3e1802ac --rw-r--r-- root root 0 0

q 72002 0x01208342 --rw-rw-rw- root dev 32760 3276

Venkatesh BL
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Re: how to increase number of que

man sys_attrs_ipc for info on msg_max. You can use dxkerneltuner to change the value.

Re: how to increase number of que

Try #sysconfig -q ipc and look for the current values.
- Do #sysconfig -Q ipc to see the min/max for parms.
- The CRQ means (C) Configurable (R) Can be changed on the fly (Q) Can be queried
- To make the parm changes for temp changes use, sysconfig -r ipc =
- In this case, neither msg_max nor msg_mnb are changeable on the fly (i.e. no CRQ for them). You'll need to setup a stanza in the /etc/sysconfigtab for ipc if it doesn't already exist, and put the parms with thier new values in it. The system will need to be rebooted for the new values to take effect. Don't mess up the sysconfigtab, the system won't boot without it.



Any parms and values in the sysconfigtab will be persistent across boots.