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how to security our system

Regular Advisor

how to security our system

my system os is :digital unix 4.0D

which parameter define the times after entering the wrong passwords ,the telnet session terminate

which parameter define the number of history passwords

which parameter define the maxage of password

which parameter define the minlength of password

Ann Majeske
Honored Contributor

Re: how to security our system

Those parameters are only enabled if you have Enhanced Security enabled. To check if you have Enhanced Security enabled on V4.0D check the contents of the /etc/sia/matrix.conf file. If the entries reference libsecurity.so you are running Enhanced Security. The parameters you are looking for are defined in the prpasswd man page for Enhanced Security. See the man pages for edauth and authcap for more information on changing entries in the prpasswd database.

For more information on Enhanced Security see the Security manual.