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allan yang
Occasional Contributor


I am running true64 unix v4, if I upgrade to v5, do I need new license for v5 or I can use my v4 license for v5?


Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: license

In general, a Tru64 _license_ is an agreement
between you and the (current) vendor of

A Product Authorization Key (PAK) is _not_ a

I can't see your license from here, so I
don't know if it allows you to do that Tru64
upgrade. I can't see your PAKs, either, so I
don't know if they would continue to work
with the new Tru64 version.

Legally, if you're paying for software
support, then you probably have a right to
upgrade. If you're not, then you probably
John Manger
Valued Contributor

Re: license


As Steven says, a licence is not a PAK. However, I guess your question is really about whether your PAKs will be valid if you upgrade from Tru64 V4 to V5.

In general, most PAKs that are installed under V4 will work under V5. The basic 'core' licences such as OSF-BASE, OSF-USER, OSF-DEV and so on, have no version dependancy. So provided you are staying on the same Alpha platform (or one of a comparable 'power'), the core PAKs will work.

Some PAKs for layered products that change from V4 to V5 will not work, eg. clustering - V5 TruCluster uses a different PAK from V4 clustering. Some V5 layered products no longer need a PAK, eg. the System V Environment extension.

The V5 installation notes should have some words about licensing and PAKs as well.

If you post the output from 'lmf list', perhaps members of the forum may be able offer more specific comment.

Hope that helps.

John M
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