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mount advfs

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mount advfs

hi all, i need to mount an external fibrechannel disk to my system, but i receive an error:
No such domain, fileset or mount directory,
then i try to create a new domain for this disk, but i receive an error that i can lost my data.....i need to preserve my data!!!
i try to run addvol but the system tell me that i need licence for this features,but i not have one.
how can mount this disk without loss any data?

thanks a lot
Victor Semaska_3
Esteemed Contributor

Re: mount advfs


Does the file domain exist? Check the /etc/fdmns directory. If it doesn't exist create it:

# cd /etc/fdmns
# mkdir
# cd
# ln -s /dev/disk/dsk#x

where 'dxsk#x' is the parition. This is assuming you're running V5.x of Tru64.

Then try the mount. If it still doesn't work check the fsets in the domain.

# showfsets

Also, does the mount point exist? If none of this works verify that the partition has an AdvFS filesystem:

# disklabel -r

There are 10 kinds of people, one that understands binary and one that doesn't.
Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: mount advfs

It would help if you can provide the command used along with the error you get. Also, let us know the system version.

Re: mount advfs

thank you for fast reply!!!

i use tru64 5.1b patchkit b-4

the error was generated by this command:

mount -t advfs /dev/disk/dsk6c /oracle

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: mount advfs


To mount an AdvFS file system, you need to be using the syntax:

# mount file_domain#file_set /mount_point

You need to look in /etc/fdmns as previously advised and see if a domain already exists containing /dev/disk/dsk6c. If not create one manually, rather than using mkfdmn.

Hope this helps,


Vladimir Fabecic
Honored Contributor

Re: mount advfs

Looks like you do not understand the advfs concept.
DO NOT do mkfdmn since you can lost data!
Post output of:
# disklabel -r dsk6
to see if you have advfs on that disk.
After you post it I will give you instruction what to do next.
In vino veritas, in VMS cluster

Re: mount advfs

ok,i know the sintax but i wrote in a wrong manner....

this is the output of disklabel:

# disklabel -r dsk6
# /dev/rdisk/dsk6c:
type: SCSI
disk: HSV101
label: oracle
bytes/sector: 512
sectors/track: 128
tracks/cylinder: 128
sectors/cylinder: 16384
cylinders: 12800
sectors/unit: 209715200
rpm: 3600
interleave: 1
trackskew: 7
cylinderskew: 26
headswitch: 0 # milliseconds
track-to-track seek: 0 # milliseconds
drivedata: 0

8 partitions:
# size offset fstype fsize bsize cpg # ~Cyl values
a: 131072 0 unused 0 0 # 0 - 7
b: 262144 131072 unused 0 0 # 8 - 23
c: 209715200 0 AdvFS # 0 - 12799
d: 0 0 unused 0 0 # 0 - 0
e: 0 0 unused 0 0 # 0 - 0
f: 0 0 unused 0 0 # 0 - 0
g: 104660992 393216 unused 0 0 # 24 - 6411
h: 104660992 105054208 unused 0 0 # 6412 - 12799

this is the output of showfsets:

# showfsets oracle_domain
Id : 449a048d.020277f2.1.8001
Files : 0, SLim= 0, HLim= 0
Blocks (512) : 0, SLim= 0, HLim= 0
Quota Status : user=off group=off
Object Safety: off
Fragging : on
DMAPI : off

thanks to all
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: mount advfs


I take it that means you now know how to mount the filesystem...

If not:

# mount oracle_domain#oracle /oracle



P.S. Remember to assign points !
Vladimir Fabecic
Honored Contributor

Re: mount advfs

As I can see partition "c" contains advfs.
Looks like you created entry for that disk.
That means you should have directory "/etc/fdmns/oracle_domain". Output of "ls /etc/fdmns/oracle_domain" should be "/dev/disk/dsk6c".
Looks like that domain have file set "oracle".
So mount command should be:
# mount -t advfs oracle_domain#oracle /oracle
By the way, I will make a "cook book" what should be done when importing disk with live data:
1. # hwmgr -scan scsi (to rescan buses)
2. # hwmgr -show scsi (to see what is new device name, let it dsk7 for example)
3. # disklabel -r dsk7 (to see partition table and to see which partition contains advfs, let it be partition "c" for this example)
4. # mkdir /etc/fdmns/ora7_domain (create directory for advfs file domain, in this example it will be named "ora7_domain")
5. # ln -s /dev/disk/dsk7c /etc/fdmns/ora7_domain/dsk7c (create simbolic link to tell which device should this file domain contain)
6. # showfsets ora7_domain (to see which file sets were created in this domain, it can be more than one file sets, for this example lets say that it contains file set called "fs1")
7. # mount -t advfs ora7_domain#fs1 /mount_point (mount file set on some mount point)
Please post if you fixed yout problem.
In vino veritas, in VMS cluster

Re: mount advfs

thanks all i was able to mount the disk and save the data, thanks to all
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: mount advfs


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