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mounting advfs volumes show i/o error

Occasional Contributor

mounting advfs volumes show i/o error

Dear Managers,

We had almost exactly the same problem as he had about a year ago. There was no solution at the time, and we ended up losing all our data. I would like to see if anyone else has seen this problem since and

I have an ES45 with an attached MSA1000 SAN with approximately 1.7TB of disk. The machine was given a graceful restart yesterday, and came back up without mounting any of the AdvFS partitions. We have one large domain, broken up into 8 different filesets. The only message I get is "i/o error". This happens with a restart, a "mount -a" or a manual "mount" command.

We can see the logical drive using disklabel. I can see all the devices correctly with wwidmgr on the console or hwmgr on the OS, everything shows up and is configured correcly. The WWID addresses all match up correctly. In fact, we broke the spare drive off the set, and successfully made a new set, new disklabel, new AdvFS domain, new AdvFS fileset, mounted it, and copied data on it. As far as I can tell, there is no hardware problem.

I've used all the AdvFS tools at my disposal. Using a verify gets an i/o error. Advscan and fixfdmn dosen't work. I'm sure that salvage will work, unfortunately, we don't have the time and extra diskspace to recover the entire domain.

The MSA1000 is at Firmware 4.48 build 342. It has two controllers, connected to two HBA set as to failover. The disk set is set to 13 disk in one RAID5 set, plus one disk as a spare. The ES45 is Firmware 7.0-3, and the operating system is 5.1B-3 (latest patch kit about March 2006). This has been working stable for a year before this happened.
Venkatesh BL
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Re: mounting advfs volumes show i/o error

I think the 1.7TB is made out of a single disk partition (say dsk10c). If so, that would be a problem. As far as I know, the official supported size of each disk in an AdvFS domain is 1TB. So, I think the problem would go away if you keep disk partitions each of size <1TB in the domain.

dsk10a - 500GB
dsk10b - 500GB
dsk10c - 1.7GB (entire disk)
dsk10h - 700GB

So, create the domain with say dsk10a and then add dsk10b and dsk10h using 'addvol' command (you would require a license for this). Now, as you can see, each disk partition in the domain is <1TB but the domain size is still 1.7TB!