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msg "waiting for <ptr_name> to come up"

Super Advisor

msg "waiting for <ptr_name> to come up"

hi all,

i'm trying to print across a WAN and on doing a "lpc status", i get the following msg :

#root> lpc status ptr-1
printer is on remote host pt-r1 with name text
queuing is enabled
printing is enabled
4 entries in spool area
Fri Aug 18 09:14:52 2006: waiting for pt-r1 to come up

i've setup the printer using "lprsetup" and i can see it in the printcap file.

i am able to ping ptr-1 (of course just because the printer is pingable doesn't mean it can print) at least i know network-wise, it's clear.

besides checking if the printer ports are opened, firewall/switches/routers are not blocking, are there anything else i should be checking?

any advice is much appreciated... :)

thanks in advance..

Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: msg "waiting for <ptr_name> to come up"

What kind of printer is it? Are you sure 'text' is a valid port designator for the printer in question? You might also try enabling debug logging for your printing subsystem and see if anything interesting shows up in /var/adm/syslog.dated/current/lpr.log. You do that by putting a line the reads:

lpr.debug /var/adm/syslog.dated/lpr.log

in your /etc/syslog.conf file and then sending a HUP signal to the syslog daemon.
Super Advisor

Re: msg "waiting for <ptr_name> to come up"

hi mark,

thanks for the reply...

will have a go at it...

Frequent Advisor

Re: msg "waiting for <ptr_name> to come up"


Normally, the printer gives this message incase printer is remote printer or network printer.

1) If printer is connected to windows machine.

a) check if tcp/ip services for windows is enabled.
b) check if share name of the printer is the one which you should use as remote port.

If I am not wrong pt-r1 is your remote host and text is the name which you have given for remote port.

Check sharename of the printer is text and tcp/ip printing is enabled.