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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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niffd consuming memory

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niffd consuming memory

Does anyone know why would niffd grab so much memory? Is it normal? How would I decrease it?

# ps aux |grep niffd|grep -v grep
root 524710 0.0 7.3 166M 150M ?? S Apr 11 22:15.04 /usr/sbin/niffd

Thanks a lot,
Cortes Albertino
Trusted Contributor

Re: niffd consuming memory


No, niffd must not eat such memory resources.

Could be a memory leak with niffd regarding your tru64 unix release.

Perhaps "vmstat -M" could also help you.

Depending to your Tru64 unix release, please have look first to the latest Tru64 unix patch kit release notes.

If your Tru64 unix is well patched to the latest patch kit, so contact your Customer Service Center for that.

Best regards,

Albertino Cortes
Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: niffd consuming memory

if you would be more specific in all your questions it would be easier to answer it. The version of Tru64 and patchlevel is the minimum requirement necessary to answer any question.
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