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not getting srm prompt on ES40

Honored Contributor

not getting srm prompt on ES40

I have ES40 with 1 cpu & 1GB ram. I am not getting srm prompt P00>>.Machine rebooting continiously after loading drivres.
machine is giving error on display
cpu0: unexpected exception/interrupt through vector 420 process e, pcb=00195380
breakpoint at pc 1453ec desired, XDELTA not loaded.
Ralf Puchner
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Re: not getting srm prompt on ES40

Please be more specific. If switching Alphas on the selftest start giving you different numbers and messages.

After selftest completes the lcd display in front of the machine will give you the machine name or type.

Then boot sequence of kernel starts giving "loading vmunix". After starting the kernel the drivers will be initiated.

So please give us a clue on what location does this message appear?

Btw. if pressing "HALT" or STRG+P the machine return to the srm console prompt. Reboot will be done if console variables are set to boot.
Resetting the console variables (boot_action) as described within the machine hardware manual leads to a system halting after selftests completes.

If problem appears after or during initialization of the drivers, please try booting with genvmunix kernel.
Help() { FirstReadManual(urgently); Go_to_it;; }
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Re: not getting srm prompt on ES40

Hello Ralf,
Sorry for replying sooo late.
The problem has been solved. Still let me tell you the details in case some one benifits from this.
Actually the problem that has been mentioned was coming on the console display. The OCP LCD display was showing starting drivers , and various test messages were displayed on the console but after testing network the system used to give the mentioned error message and used to dump something like registers details.
Then we tested the cpu and memory on another ES40 at some other location where we found that both cpu and memory was ok. Then we tested the motherboard - while booting what we had missed out was that there were some beeps and also on the OCP LCD display some flp err message used to flash , so then we decided to try out the Fail Safe Loader floppy. And it was successful. After booting from the FSL floppy we restored the firmware , then later also upgraded the firmware. and now the system is running fine.