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nrdist gets permission denied

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nrdist gets permission denied

I have 4 Tru64 v5.1a servers. I can use nrdist successfully most of the time to copy files between servers but some won't work.

For example, server2 can send to server3 and server4 but not server1.
Server2 can send to server3 but server3 cannot send to server2. They fail with permission denied.
Server2 and Server4 can send both ways between each other.

The directory permissions on each server are identical.
Stuart Fuller_2
Valued Contributor

Re: nrdist gets permission denied

The nrdist command uses the rcmd(3) mechanism to perform its functions. Therefore, if the nrdist command fails from server2 to server1, then the "rsh" is most likely failing, too.

You'll need to edit the .rhosts file in the account(s) doing the nrdist command on the target hosts. For example, since server2 can send to server3, but not to server1, this means that the .rhosts file on server3 permits rcmd(3) access from server2, but the .rhosts file on server1 does not allow rcmd(3) access from server2.