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optical file system on tru64

Mike Miller_8
Regular Advisor

optical file system on tru64

I have a optical disk on one server that I need to move to a newer server.

The old server has these two subsets on it.
How do I get these or are they part of the OS disks ?

CLCOP313 installed SCSI CAM Optical Disk Driver V3.1C
OSDSVFS161 installed Optical File System


Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: optical file system on tru64

The named kits are part of the layered product cd. Why not reading the compatibility matrix on the CD-Rom?
Btw. if using a newer Tru64 version also use also the actual layered product cd and not the old one!

Here the CLCOPxx kit is only listed for 4.x systems, it is not recommended to install such old kits on a 5.x system.

Problem is not that the drive will not be detected (5.x: hwmgr -scan scsi; hwmgr -show scsi) question is if it is supported by vendor and HP.

So please tell us your drive model or check if the drive is listed within the ddr database.

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Mike Miller_8
Regular Advisor

Re: optical file system on tru64

Problem has been passed on to site IT group.
Thanks for the help !

= Mike =