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printing to HP9000dn & HP8100dn from UNIX

Phil Richardson
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printing to HP9000dn & HP8100dn from UNIX


We have a bunch of HP printers we print to direct from TRU64 UNIX servers. A Sample ouput of my printcap file is :
lp27|27: :if=/usr/lbin/hplaserof: :lf=/usr/adm/lp27err: :lp=@rfe-jetdirect-9/hpservice: :mx#0: :of=/usr/lbin/hplaserof: :pl#66: :pw#80: :rw: :sd=/usr/spool/lpd27: :xf=/usr/lbin/xf:

We have just taken delivery and installed an HP9000dn printer and an HP8100dn, but the same setup which works fine on 4000s does not work.

The symptoms we are experiencing are characters in very small fonts.

DOes anyone have a clue ? Is it somethnig to do with my hplaserof filter ?


Phil Richardson