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printing via port 9100

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printing via port 9100


i have some queries abt printing via port 9100 :

1) in /etc/services, i already have this entry :
printer 515/tcp spooler

can i add another similar entry like this :
printer 9100/tcp jetdirect

would there be a conflict?

2) i'm using lp command to print a file to a canon printer via this port, does the lp command work in this case as it's not printed. lpq still show the file in the queue

3) do i need to install the jetdirect software in order for lp to work?

sorry if the queries sound somewhat silly as i'm totally lost in this...

any feedback is much appreciated...

thanks !

btw - does anyone know of any good unix printing guide that i can read up to know more?

regards :)
Steven Schweda
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Re: printing via port 9100

Bear in mind that I don't print much from my
Tru64 system.

> can i add another similar entry like this :
> printer 9100/tcp jetdirect

Bad idea.

> would there be a conflict?


> 2) [...]

You need to work on /etc/printcap.

> 3) [...]

If it's a Canon printer, I would not expect
JetDirect to be of much use. (But what do I

A quick Google search for:
tru64 printcap services 9100
seemed to find some (old) how-to suggestions.
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Re: printing via port 9100


You need not to install jetdirect software. We use to use the printer with 9100 port for barcode printing and text printing only. On Tru64, run lprsetup and add the printer as remote printer. In remote hostname give the ip address of jetdirect and in share name give port 9100.

once configured check lpc status printername
and see the status if its down do enable the queue and it will print.

sorry, cannot give reply for services entry as I'm not sure.


Re: printing via port 9100


If you can use PCL on you Canon printer then use this:

root> pwd
root> ./pclof -h

PCL print filter for the Tru64 UNIX lpd print system.

The help sub-options are:

-hr, System requirements
-hi, Installing the filter, printcap example
-hp, Printcap options
-hl, lpr options
-hc, Calibrating the filter
-hs, Setup file
-hn, Notes
-hv, Version

Copyright 2003 Hewlett-Packard Company. All rights reserved.
root> ./pclof -hi

Installing the print filter.

> cp 'this program' /usr/lbin/pclof
> chmod 755 /usr/lbin/pclof
> chown bin:bin /usr/lbin/pclof

Creating the printcap entry.
Printcap example for a tcp/ip connected printer. Port_9100 is defined in
the /etc/services file as 'port_9100 9100/tcp'. While most printers use
port 9100 for a raw tcp/ip connection some printers use other values.
If port 9100 does not work refer to your printer manuals or try these port
numbers: 10001, 3001, 2501, 35.

:if=/usr/lbin/pclof +OPageSize=Letter +Opm=0.5 +Olrp=0.25 +Olrl=0.12:\
:of=/usr/lbin/pclof +OPageSize=Letter +Opm=0.5 +Olrp=0.25 +Olrl=0.12:\

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Re: printing via port 9100

hi all,

thanks for all your replies...