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problem about ulimit -n

Frequent Advisor

problem about ulimit -n

my system is
rx2620dl[/]# uname -a
HP-UX rx2620dl B.11.23 U ia64 1531644726 unlimited-user license

when I run command ulimit -n 8000
rx2620dl[/]#ulimit -n 8000
rx2620dl[/]#ulimit -a
time(seconds) unlimited
file(blocks) unlimited
data(kbytes) 1048576
stack(kbytes) 8192
memory(kbytes) unlimited
coredump(blocks) 4194303
nofiles(descriptors) 8000

but kctune -q maxfiles_lim is still 8192

i want to know why maxfiles_lim did not change to 8000 after running ulimit -n 8000.
could you also tell me something about how to use ulimit? thanks a lot
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: problem about ulimit -n

You might get better answers in an HP-UX
forum than you will in this Tru64 forum.

"man ulimit", "man kctune"?