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"." in csh search path

Occasional Contributor

"." in csh search path

Hello all,
just to verify does "." means in the search path to search current directory before searching in the directory path ?
In Tru64 when user login .login or .cshrc or .profile whats the order ?

Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: "." in csh search path

HI Masroor,

# Do not put "." in PATH; it is a potential security breach.

Yes the . in the $PATH variable means it will surch the current working dir before searching the other PATH env.

Depends on what kind of shell they will use.

ksh -> /etc/profile $HOME/.profile $HOME/.kshrc

csh -> /etc/profile $HOME/.login $HOME/.cshrc

Hope this helps,
Alex Lavrov.
Honored Contributor

Re: "." in csh search path

It depends where "." positioned in search path. If it first than yes, it will search the current dir first.

If it's C-shell:

If it's Bourne shell (sh/bash):

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