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resotre the root disk with lsm

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resotre the root disk with lsm

hi guys,
I had a disk installed 4.0d tru64unix.
I want to restore the / and /usr filesystem
and the backup filesystem is used LSM.
I think the first step is :
#voldisksetup -i rz**
how to do the next?

thanks regards,
Joris Denayer
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Re: resotre the root disk with lsm


We are missing some specific info.
What do you want to do ?

- Restoring a system disk to a new system ?
- Replace a bad system disk ?
- Restore on a system disk that is currently already encapsulated ?
- etc..

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Ralf Puchner
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Re: resotre the root disk with lsm

It depend if it is possible to boot the disk or if the boot is empty.

In case of a bootable system, boot the OS in singleuser mode and start lsmbstartup.
Start restore from tape and reboot.

If disk is empty boot SAS, create new disklabel and filesystems. Restore data from tape into the new domains. Change the following settings:

o change /etc/fdmns

# mount root_domain#root /mnt
# cd /mnt/etc/fdmns/root_domain
# rm rootvol
# ln -s /dev/rz0a
# cd /mnt/etc/fdmns/usr_domain
# rm vol-rz0g (use your volume names)
# ln -s /dev/rz0g

o within /mnt/etc/fstab change swap
o if /mnt/sbin/swapdefault exists, change it, too)
o within /mnt/etc/sysconfigtab delete the following lines:

lsm_rootdev_is_volume = 1
lsm_swapdev_is_volume = 1

Now reboot the system and verify proper restore.

Use volrootmir -a to recreate the mirror/lsm setup.
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