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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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rlogin asking for passwrd

Frequent Advisor

rlogin asking for passwrd

Hi Experts,

today is rlogin day.

here is a typical problem,

i habe two machines "hpport" and "Eureka" o have a .rhosts entries as follows

'tbaadm is the user from whr i want to rlogin

on hpport (HP-UX)

Eureka tbaadm

on Eureka (TRU64)
hpport tbaadm.

the problem is i am able to rlogin from "eureka" to "hpport" without prompting for password. but whn i rlogin from "hpport" to "Eureks" it is asking me for password.

kindly let me know. what i need to do...

thanks & regards,
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: rlogin asking for passwrd

- check owner and protection on .rhosts it should be owner of target account and mode 600.

- check /etc/hosts for Eureka and tbaadm

- Play with alternative (upcase/lowcase, wildcards, fully qualified node names)

Han Pilmeyer
Esteemed Contributor

Re: rlogin asking for passwrd

I'll bet it's Hein's first answer above. However one good thing to try is to login to the system that fails and then use the who command (e.g. just "w") to see where the login originated from. That name should appear in the same way in the .rhosts file. Note that fully qualified domain names do not support mixed case.
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: rlogin asking for passwrd


Han probably meant rlogin. ;-)
When you use w and see how hpport is seem the Eureks point of view make sure, that it is also in /etc/hosts with correct address or resolved by dns the right way.