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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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sar does not see all processors

Rob Banen
Occasional Visitor

sar does not see all processors

We do have an ES45 with 3 cpu's running at Tru64 UNIX V5.1A rev 1885.
when I use sar for monitoring at processor level, it's only possible to see 3 of the cpu's
when I execute monitor, there are really 3 cpu's, cpu#0, cpu#1 and cpu#2
Is there a bug in the sar tool or do I have to configure something.

hereby the output of the sar commands:

oracle@cdrdev01::/home/oracle> sar -P0 1 1

OSF1 cdrdev01 V5.1 1885 alpha 26Aug2003

11:30:03 %usr %sys %wio %idle
11:30:04 5 7 0 88

oracle@cdrdev01::/home/oracle> sar -P1 1 1

OSF1 cdrdev01 V5.1 1885 alpha 26Aug2003

11:30:36 %usr %sys %wio %idle
11:30:37 0 0 0 100

oracle@cdrdev01::/home/oracle> sar -P2 1 1
sar: Invalid pid

oracle@cdrdev01::/home/oracle> sar -P3 1 1
An invalid processor id has been entered. Please re-enter the processor id.
usage: sar [-P processorid] [-ubdycaqvmpgrkA] [-o file] t [n]
sar [-ubdycaqvmpgrkA] [-s hh:mm][-e hh:mm][-i ss][-f file] [-P processorid]

Dave Bechtold
Respected Contributor

Re: sar does not see all processors

Hi Rob,

This is a known problem with sar, Extended System V utility, under V5.1A. The problem had been reported and fixed under the OS with V5.1B. The fix is not in the sar tool itself, but the OS. Unfortunately, due to the magnitude of the fix in the OS it was determined not to back port a fix to previous releases.

Please consider upgrading to resolve this problem. Also, consider using the OS supplied tool - collect.

Dave Bechtold