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sshd v3.2 on Tru64 v5.1

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sshd v3.2 on Tru64 v5.1

I installed sshd v3.2 for Tru64 v5.1 downloaded from hp/compaq website.

When I connect using a commercial ssh client such as SecureCRT from Vandyke, the login process seems to go thru but I can't get the user shell to appear. The screen stays blank.

I uses the std cfg for sshd2_config that comes with the installation.

Anyone knows why???
Al Licause
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Re: sshd v3.2 on Tru64 v5.1

For future reference, ssh is typically considered a network component and as such is handled by the network group.

It would probably be better if any future ssh queries be posted to the network thread in the Tru64 group.

As to the immediate problem, what do you get when you run
ssh -v ? This should give more information as to just what the ssh client is doing and how the sshd server is responding.

Gregory Lee_1
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Re: sshd v3.2 on Tru64 v5.1

Have you made any progress with this problem? I just installed sshd v3.2 myself and used Putty as the client and have had no problems. I made no configuration changes thus far to the server. I'm running 5.1A though.

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Re: sshd v3.2 on Tru64 v5.1

I realise that this particular server have some problems with sshd. I tried on other server, it work OK.

But I do have other problmes on the user profile.


Does anyone know what does the "-" implies??

Why Tru64 have ${PATH:-/usr/bin:.} as its path, it could well off be $PATH:/usr/bin:. instead. Anyone know why???

I am using ksh.