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sysconfigtab size limit

Ricardo Trentin_1
Occasional Visitor

sysconfigtab size limit

I have 6 DS20e running 4.0F with PK5.
Sysconfigtab file size is aroud 40Kb.
During the boot after PK8 application in one of the DS20e, sysconfigtab wasnt completely read because it exceeds 32Kb. After removing comments, it came online without errors.
Now, I need to rollout PK8.
Which is the sysconfigtab file size limit?
Why 4.0F with PK5 worked fine?
Is there a way to change this limit?

Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: sysconfigtab size limit


The default sysconfigtab in V4.0F with patchkit #8 has a size of 30149 bytes.
Assuming the limit is 32768(aka 32k), there is room for 2619 bytes of customization.

With 40k the sysconfigtab must contain a lot of duplicate and/or redundant entries.

To clean-up your sysconfigtab, I suggest to do the following:

cd /etc
cp -p sysconfigtab sysconfigtab.large
tail -xx sysconfigtab > my-entries ##where xx is the number of lines with customizations. ##

cp -p .new..sysconfigtab sysconfigtab
cat my-entries >> sysconfigtab

MAX_CONFIGTAB_SZ is definde as (32 *1024) in arch/alpha/alpha_init.c , so I have no explanation why it works for you under patchkit #5.