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too much time in mounting CD

too much time in mounting CD

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In one of my ES40 server running Tru64 ver 5.1A, CD mounting process is tacking too much time (20-30 minutes). Similaraly umounting is tacking too much time. Not only this, if somehow CD is mounted, ls -l /mnt/cdrom also take too much time. (otherwise system is running fine)

- 52X IDE CD ROM drive is brand new one and working fine on one of my windows machine. I dumped a complete CD on this windows machine within 4 minutes.

- On SRM prompt, SHOW DEV, I can see my CDROM as ATAPI 52X CD ROM.

- Original CD Drive wos not working, so we replaced with new one. One more observation, earlier drive device file was /dev/disk/cdrom0c. Now, replaced drive is being accessed with /dev/disk/cdrom2c. "dsfmgr -K" is also generating same device file.

Is it Operating system problem or Hardware problem. Any help is appreciated.

Opinion and solution awaited. I have to install new softwares on my server.
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: too much time in mounting CD

Could be a software problem fixed in a patch.
What patch level do you have?
No serious cdrom issue reported in PK4

The device name change is normal, when a new device is seen. Tru64 tries to keep them unique. You can rename if so desired with hwmgr and/or dsfmgr.

You proably don't want just -m (move) command.
Checkout the -D command to remove the old one followed by the -m (you can then move the "new" one to take the place of the old one).
Or, use -e to exchange them and then use -D to remove the one you don't want.


Re: too much time in mounting CD

Simply changing the CD Rom drive with 48X speed, solve our problem.
Means 52X is not supported in ver 5.1A.
Thanks to all who tried to help me.