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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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tru64 unix setld format patch kit

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tru64 unix setld format patch kit

I want to install Tru64 patch kit, please let me know the proceedure in tru64 unix setld format. I have try to installed the patch kit but I could not, it is giving the error message as follows "does not contain any tru64 unix setld format patch kit. I want now what is the setld format patch kit.
Vladimir Fabecic
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Re: tru64 unix setld format patch kit

So you want to install patch kit?
Do the following:
1. Download the patch kit
2. Untar the patch kit somewhere (for example /usr/patch )
3. Switch to single user mode and do:
# mount -a
4. Go to directory where to untared the patch kit
For example # cd /usr/patch/patch_kit
5. Start patch kit instalation by:
# ./dupatch
6. Follow the instactions

Never install patches with setld !!!
In vino veritas, in VMS cluster