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ulimit and TSM backups ANS1030E out of memory

Steve Horvath
Frequent Advisor

ulimit and TSM backups ANS1030E out of memory


I'm getting TSM message: ANS1030E out of memory message on
an hpux 11i client with 50 gig of ram and nowhere near fully utilized.
There is approx. 5 million small files on the machine...

is there a formula to configure client memory(data section size) based on
number of mount points and resourceutilization (say 6/12) respectively?

ran glance on hp client and found that threads would die out when 1GB threshold is reached watching RSS in process resource window.

# ulimit -a
time(seconds) unlimited
file(blocks) unlimited
data(kbytes) 1048576 <----- should it be higher?
stack(kbytes) 131072
memory(kbytes) unlimited
coredump(blocks) 4194303
nofiles(descriptors) 6144
Joakim Brosten
Frequent Advisor

Re: ulimit and TSM backups ANS1030E out of memory

Hi Steve,

There is an option in the "dsm.sys" -file you could try to narrow down the problem. Change (or add) the line "memoryefficientbackup" from "no" to "yes" and see if the problem is still there. (I guess thath if this works, your data (and stack?) limit needs to be increased.)
Is there anything more in the "dsmerror.log" relating to this?
What happens if you run a backup from the prompt on only a small filesystem, i.g. "/"? (Run "dsmc i /")