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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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unable to boot via default dg

Sridhar R
Regular Advisor

unable to boot via default dg


This is wht happens whenever i rebbot my tru-64 server. The server doesn't load in to the OS and message pops up in he SRM Prompt saying that unable to boot via default dga.**********.

When i issue,
p00>> show dev dg

comes up and i am able to boot only with one of these four options.

The server should be able to boot with all the 4 paths, right!!

But why this is hapenning??

Any help appreciated!

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: unable to boot via default dg


Depending on what storage you're using, some of the paths may be inactive, hence why you can't boot from them. However if your bootdef_dev environment variable is set correctly, it should cycle through the various paths until it finds an active one.

Can you post the output of

P00>> show boot*


Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: unable to boot via default dg

I agree with the previous post that one or more paths may be unreachable at this time.
apearently the host don't recognize
also the host may not recognize these paths to be to the same target.
dit you run wwidmgr?
For the bootdisk this registers the different paths to the same disk.
Liviu I.
Frequent Advisor

Re: unable to boot via default dg


You'll have to know the WWN of the boot vdisk.

Then, once you are in SRM you can check the following procedure :
wwidmgr -show wwid -full
You can check here that you see the WWN on the 4 paths. If not, it is a problem with your zoning/fabric configuration of the SAN (switches) or even the fiber physical connection on one of the 2 HBAs. If everything seems ok, then something's wrong with the dev asssignment in you firmware, so I recomend the following :
wwidmgr -clear all
wwidmgr -show wwid
wwidmgr -quickset -item item_no_of_WWN
set bootdef_dev dgaXXXX dgaYYYY dgbXXXX dgbZZZZ

The item_no_of_WWN is the the number in square brackets corresponding to the WWN in the output of the previous command.
The dgaXXXX, etc you'll find in the output of the wwidmgr quickset command.

In Tru64, you can also check your fibre channel / SAN settings with:
hwmgr -show fibre -ada
hwmgr -show scsi -full

Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: unable to boot via default dg

aprt from above steps if you have webes please analyse binary.errlog file.Else open a hardware case it would help.
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