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urgent: TRU64 disklabel cannot be updated. problem

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Srikanth Arunachalam
Trusted Contributor

urgent: TRU64 disklabel cannot be updated. problem


We had to add new disk onto HSG80 system and prepare the disk for LSM. The purpose is for additional storage requirement.

We have script for creating advfs make domain, make filesystem, create volume and mount it on newly created domain and fileset. The same script has been attached to this mail.

The name of the disk is dsk8. We did disklabel -wr -n dsk8, following that we performed the voldiskadd and executed the script for creating lsm on the new disk. It failed with error saying

"Unable to obtain requested swap space
07-Jul-2006 12:10:13 [600] AdvFS: An AdvFS domain panic has occurred on admin_dn".

After this we rollbacked the changes, performed
disklabel -wr /dev/rdisk/dsk8c. Executed step one by one as given in uds_exec_cs_disk.sh instead of directly executing the script. it worked fine with this.

Again, we rollbacked and executed the entire script uds_exec_cs_disk.sh. This time I had an error saying

disklabel for srs_cs_1_v: cannot be updated.
can't create new domain srs_cs_1_dmn. advfs error occured.

My doubt is on disklabel command, should I make use of parameter "-t advfs" with the disklabel command. What should be the correct command of disklabel ? Should I break up the script to smaller scripts.

Pls note that the script creates 4 mount points on the new disk.
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: urgent: TRU64 disklabel cannot be updated. problem

The script you show has hardcoded dsk10 all over the place, which does nto jive with the dsk8 you write about.

Why do you subdivide the disk into smaller volumes? Why not create a single domain over the whole disk, and then create 4 filesets for 4 mountpoint within the domain.
Much more flexible?

That admin_dn is not mentioned in the script or any of your commands either.
I would re-inventory the system with either syscheck, and/or
- df
- sbin/advfs/advscan
- /sbin/showfsets
- /sbin/advfs/fixfdmn


Srikanth Arunachalam
Trusted Contributor

Re: urgent: TRU64 disklabel cannot be updated. problem

Hi Hein,

Thanks for your timely response. Actually I have not put the correct script here. The dsk10 mentioned in the script are all executed with dsk8 only.

I have actually recovered the system using volrestore. The same script perfectly on our test model system.

Please let me know is there any restriction on number of domains we can have for a disk.

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: urgent: TRU64 disklabel cannot be updated. problem

No restrictions, but why do you think need the explicit volumes and domains? I see no gain, only pain.

I guess you need the seperate mountpoints for some backup (vdump) script?

The seperate volumes will garantuee long seek times on the disk when an application needs data from both.

The seperate volumes will prevent you from growing one mountpoint larger then an other as needed. With filesets you can keep the data logically seperated but they still share a common, large pool of storage.

The only reason for multiple domains in a single volume I see is with intense free space allocation deallocation as the domain could become the bottleneck, but for oracle DBF files this is not the case.

Finally I suppose that in a TruCluster environment you might want a specific node to own a sub-volume (csfmgr) but I don't expect that is too useful for you.