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/usr/sbin/wall hangs and CDE freezes

michael zoumboulakis
Occasional Contributor

/usr/sbin/wall hangs and CDE freezes

Recently I have been having problems with /usr/sbin/wall on a number of machines (all running V5.1B, PK6). wall hangs when it tries to write a message to the console, and this is because the CDE session is frozen. When I restart xlogin manually, wall works ok. This happens roughly once a month and what triggers it is a bit of a mystery.
I've been trying to investigate what would cause CDE to freeze and consequently wall to fail to write to the console. But with no luck...
Anybody had any similar issues or any ides as to why this would happen will be very much appreciated.
Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: /usr/sbin/wall hangs and CDE freezes

If you have 'truss' utility on the system, you could run the binary using truss and see which system call is hanging.