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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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volclonedg fail - line in allvol.DF too long

Christof Schoeman
Frequent Advisor

volclonedg fail - line in allvol.DF too long

Houston, we have a problem!

Running Tru64 V5.1b-3 (PK5), using EMC Clariion disks.

I cloned a copy of my production disks (using the Clariion cloning functionality), which I am now trying to recover on another system. However, volclonedg (and volrestore) fails with the following error (several of them):

awk: Input line sd=dsk705-24:0/0,ds... cannot be longer than 5,119 bytes.

The input line number is 59702. The file is allvol.DF.
The source line number is 1.

My volumes are all striped over 104 disks.

Has anyone seen this before and/or know of a way around it?

Hope you can help.

Christof Schoeman
Frequent Advisor

Re: volclonedg fail - line in allvol.DF too long


Installed gawk and replaced awk with a link to gawk.

gawk doesn't seem to have the line length limitation.