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vrestore & brestore command

vrestore & brestore command

can i use the follow command for restoring information about file system named:

/sbin/vrestore -xvf /dev/nrmt0h /oracle/BP1/sapdata1

what is the difference between vrestore and brrestore?

Thanks a lot !!!!
Thanks ...
Stiwi Wondrusch
Trusted Contributor

Re: vrestore & brestore command

Hi administrador

Whats your Tru64 Version ?

SAP Backup tool: will restore SAP Backups done brbackup.

-Tru64 command to restore Backups done with vdump.
-with this syntax "/sbin/vrestore -xvf /dev/nrmt0h /oracle/BP1/sapdata1" you will not get information. It will restore the directory /oracle/BP1/sapdata1 to the directory from where you call it.

rgds Stiwi
Frequent Advisor

Re: vrestore & brestore command

I guess you have a v4.x ver of T64 Unix since you are using the device naming convention is /dev/nrmtxxx.

If your dump is a valid one and you are unable to ascertain that, use the following command to list the contents of the dump.

#/sbin/vrestore -vvf /dev/nrmt0h /oracle/BP1/sapdata1