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BL460c Gen9 - vSphere 5.5 - BIOS Best Practices

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BL460c Gen9 - vSphere 5.5 - BIOS Best Practices

Hello Everybody


Have purchased some new BL460c Gen9 Blades and was looking for some help with regards to the BIOS Settings for best practices with vSphere 5.5.


Are they the same as the BL460c Gen8's, The bios is completely different and there isnt much on the web :(


Any help would be much appreciated.





Re: BL460c Gen9 - vSphere 5.5 - BIOS Best Practices

Certain situations might require that you operate in Legacy
BIOS Boot Mode, such as using ESXi 5.5 on an HP BL460c
When would I want to choose Legacy BIOS Boot Mode
rather than UEFI Boot Mode, and vice versa?
Gen9 Server Blade. UEFI Boot Mode is enabled by default
and is required for certain options, including:
• Secure Boot, Generic USB Boot, IPv6 PXE Boot, and
Boot from URL
• Fibre Channel/FCoE Scan Policy
Booting to a hard disk drive larger than 2.2 TB
• Booting the Embedded User Partition